Here are the recordings of the daily lessons based on Bijan's book: 'Absolutely Effortless Prosperity'. These practices cause the mind to see a more expanded reality so to allow for abundant joy and well being into your life.

Please note that the following recordings contain Georgi's opinions; these do not necessarily reflect those of Bijan himself.

As you will begin working with the tools and principles of these lessons, it is inevitable for you to experience more and more miracles in your life. Make sure to e-mail them to me!

To your prosperity!

The Power Of The Spoken Word Lesson 1
Listening Lesson 2
Seeing Lesson 3
Real Meaning Lesson 4
The Light Lesson 5
Awareness Lesson 6
Prosperity Lesson 7
(Version 2)
Contribution Lesson 8
(Version 2)
Deserving Lesson 9
(Version 2)
Receiving Lesson 10
(Version 2)
Exchange Lesson 11
(Version 2)
Releasing Lesson 12
(Version 2)
Open Mind Lesson 13
(Version 2)
Best Interest Lesson 14
(Version 2)
Patience Lesson 15
Reacting Lesson 16
(Version 2)
Miracles Lesson 17
(Version 2)
Peace Lesson 18
Illusions Lesson 20
Loving Lesson 21
Love Lesson 22
Trust Lesson 23
I Am Great Lesson 24
Let Go Lesson 25
Blessed Lesson 26
The Power Of Now Lesson 27
See God / Goddess Lesson 28
Gratitude Lesson 29
Connection Lesson 30
Bonus Lesson 31